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  • Eliida Lakota says...

    for our cause . Sorry about the length of this. Thank you for considering a donation of prints for our fundraising. a friend, Eliida

    August 10, 2016

  • Eliida Lakota says...

    I have enjoyed , loved, your work over the last 27 years..and continue to follow your journey, the current destination, as much as you share. When

    you stopped printing the magazine, I feared I had lost you, but I
    l did not.
    Once , a couple of years ago, l called to order a print, and you were out walking, in the morning l think. That is the picture in my mind, you walking across a field , coming away from a forest, and we chatted as you went back to your place. A vivid memory of you that l was fortunate torecieve.
    l am mixed blood, native American (3 great grandparents are full
    bloods), and have been on the board of 3 native American organisations
    helping the Native people in central Illinois, educating the public about the the culture , and practicing and preserving N. A. traditional arts and some
    ceremonies. My sister, Carol Lakota Eastin , developed the PimitouI pow wow in Peoria, Illinois, beginning in 1989 until 2012, also the Seven Circles Heritage Center for more traditional peoples, and Day spring Native American Fellowship , (a United Methodist Church) for christians. I was her sidekick in all of these journies, 10 or more years as director of the pow wow. ( my device won’t allow me spell Pimi toui correctly ). As you can Imagine, we are constantly holding fundraising events.
    Nature is our religion, it is sacred. The subjects you paint are

    August 10, 2016

  • Judy Singleton says...

    Wow! All those years went by in a flash… thank you for the way your work has
    enhanced my life, and my work. I am so grateful for the lovely books and art pieces I have purchased, and for the beauty of Heron Dance. May the rest of your journey be full of happiness and grace. Jude

    August 09, 2016

  • Bettina B says...

    Dear Rod,

    For so many years I have absorbed your words and pictures/paintings — each email, each book, each painting always made my day — and I have saved so many as well.
    I will miss hearing from you but wish you well on this journey we all share.
    with gratitude and love,

    August 07, 2016

  • pat westwater-jong says...

    dear Rod,
    thank you for faithfully sending your thoughts and paintings for so many years. I confess that i am a night owl and no matter how hard i try, i often work through much of the dark quiet of the night. I try to get to bed before i get your email at 4:00 AM – when that pops into my email folder and i’m still working, i imagine you’ve already slept and are already up and have already accomplished pulling together your thoughts for your readers. And that sometimes is the push i need to hustle myself off to start my sleep. Funny, isn’t it, how your moving on from this exercise is motivating many of your readers to connect and let you know now, what your emails have meant to us.

    I hope this inspires me to focus more on fewer endeavors – feels like that would be healthier and more productive.

    I too, have several books and journals from your past and who knows what you may do and share some day in the future!

    thanks again and good luck with your next adventure, pat

    August 07, 2016

  • Gladys Hagerty says...

    I understand completely why you must move on…….we all have to have the courage to do so when our mind, spirit, and body tell us it is time.
    I will miss your beautiful art and meaningful quotes and words !
    I have been with you almost from the start!
    Fortunately I have several books, prints and your wonderful portfolio,
    “The Journey Itself” plus many emails that I have printed up.
    Go in Peace and Wellness, dear Friend.
    Please do try to let us know how you are now and then…….Gladys Hagerty

    August 06, 2016

  • Elaine Sharrard says...

    So sorry you have decided to change life. I turned you on to my son, who was dying of aids. He so enjoyed you and you gave him the courage to start water color paining/ He also had a website because of you and yours.
    I do understand as I know how hard he worked on his gaming website.
    We lost him 4 years ago, and I always looked forward to your emails as a way of still connecting with him. God bless and be with y ou. You have such great talent and great thoughts/ Wish you the best, not many like you nowadays. From tebian’s mom.

    August 06, 2016

  • Jane says...

    Been your follower from Maine and cherished your work and insight for many years . We visited you when you had a store in Vermont with your beloved dog. May your next journey be smooth and special. Thanks for sharing all these years.

    August 06, 2016

  • Brian Sharp says...

    I will miss and remember you. For being there for us.

    Brian Sharp

    August 06, 2016

  • Barbara Jacobsen says...

    I will truly miss your inspirational images and words, Ron…..yours is the first email I open every time!
    I have shared these beautiful insights with many friends and students over the years, and our lives are richer because of you. Thank you for (in my humble opinion) fulfilling your life purpose so impeccably and heartfully. I wish you great joy and fulfillment on your journey and hope to hear from you when the
    spirit moves you. With love and deep gratitude, Barbara

    August 06, 2016

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