PFB Print Sale

This Weekend You Can Order Five Signed, Limited Edition Prints For $100

And Free Prints For Nonprofits To Help In Your Fundraising

Loon Mist

Snowy Evening

This weekend only, many of the most popular Roderick MacIver Arts signed, limited edition prints are on sale. Select up to five (there are over forty to choose from) for a total of $100 plus $12.95 shipping.

Supplies of some of the prints are particularly limited — orders placed first are filled first.

On checkout you will receive a coupon for $750 since the largest prints (12 by 24 inches) sell regularly for $150 each. But even if you order smaller prints, five only please.

Visit here to see the selection.

Nonprofits, visit here to learn more about the availability of print donations in support of your fundraising efforts


Two Egrets

Dragonfly Evolutionary Dance Sunset Heron

Oxbow Blue