Beauty dislikes being captive to perfection


Heron Dream  
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Why should one reject the perfect in favor of the imperfect? The precise and perfect carries no overtones, admits of no freedom; the perfect is static and regulated, cold and hard. We in our own human imperfections are repelled by the perfect, since everything is apparent from the start and there is no suggestion of the infinite. Beauty must have room, must be associated with freedom. Freedom, indeed, is beauty. The love of the irregular is a sign of the basic quest for freedom.
    Unlike other collectors, most Tea masters prefer the incomplete; they look for slight scars or irregularities of form. If carried to excess, this desire will, of course, become unhealthy, but that there is a close relation between beauty and deformation cannot be denied. Beauty dislikes being captive to perfection. That which is profound never lends itself to logical explanation: it involves endless mystery.
    - Soetsu Yanagi, The Unknown Craftsman

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Tea masters prefer the incomplete
Beauty dislikes being captive to perfection
Freedom is beauty
It involves endless mystery.
    - Roderick MacIver