Other than the two Snowy Owl cards (the first two below), notecards are now only available as PDFs, but you can print out your own notecards of your favorite Roderick MacIver paintings.  All but the Snowy Moon Holiday Card (the second card shown below) are blank inside.


The cost of downloading a printable PDF is $8. You can make as many copies as you'd like, as long as it is for a personal (as opposed to commercial, for instance resale) purpose. Let us know if any of your favorites are not available as print notecards here, or shown below, and we'll add them for you. Email Rod at rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com).


You can print them in unlimited quantities on your own printer or take them to a printing store such as Staples. After placing an order, you will receive two emails -- an order confirmation and a second with the downloadable PDF.