Prints for Donation to Nonprofits

Roderick MacIver Arts takes pleasure in supporting the work of wilderness protection groups and other nonprofits serving humanity. Select up to ten signed and numbered limited-edition prints by clicking on any image below, which will take you to a page with specifics on size, etc.


Please send an email to Rod with the list of prints you'd like:




Please outline in the email how the prints will be used to support your organization's fundraising efforts (thank you gifts to large donors, silent auctions, etc.) as opposed to hang on your or your organization's own walls. We apologize in advance for asking for this confirmation, but it is based on past experience. We are happy to contribute to your fundraising efforts, but obviously we depend on sales to continue to do this work, and to continue to help other nonprofits with their fundraising efforts.


We ask the nonprofits we support to pay the costs of shipping and packing materials, as follows:


• up to $200 - $15
• $200 to $1000 - $20
• over $1000 - $25


You can pay the shipping cost here.


This offer is only open to nonprofits registered with the IRS that can provide a tax receipt. After receipt of your prints, please send that receipt to Rod at the email address mentioned above, or mail it to the following address:


Roderick MacIver Arts
179 Rotax Road
North Ferrisburgh, VT 05473