Frequently Asked Questions


Please click on the link below that deals with your question. We very much appreciate you checking this page first to answer your questions. It allows us to focus our efforts on creating the most beautiful, thought-provoking work we are capable of, but if you cannot find your answer on this page, our contact information can be found towards the bottom of the page and we’re happy to try to help.



What happened to Heron Dance?


Heron Dance closed at the end of 2013, but Rod is still offering his art through this website and his  e-newsletter, A Pause for Beauty. This newsletter is provided free through email. To sign up, please visit here.


Most of our past books, journals, issues, calendars and notecards are sold out, although you can still order most used through Amazon here Amazon Books. There are also still a few copies left of the book arts collection The Journey Itself Is Home.


Why are shipping costs to Canada so high?


We've had a number of problems shipping to Canada, in addition to the basic cost. We often have to pay a $40 per package customs brokerage fee, including for packages that are themselves duty-free. We’ve also had a number of packages opened by Canadian Customs for inspection, but then not properly resealed, so that the customer receives an empty box and in which situation we need to refund the total of purchase and shipping. As a result, for a number of years, we did not ship to Canada at all.


More recently, we’ve decided to try again, but to cover our costs, including losses in transit, time dealing with Canadian Customs regulations, we’ve increased the cost to ship to Canada. We’ll still likely lose money on these shipments, but Rod is originally from Canada, has a number of friends and relatives there, and he would like to offer his books and art there.


Other Shipping Questions Including International Shipping


Roderick MacIver Arts does not ship internationally other than to Canada. Amazon does, but only on past Heron Dance books published by outside publishers such as North Atlantic Books.


For more on shipping costs, please visit here.


My order was damaged in shipment. What do I do?


We do our best to carefully package your orders, but occasionally items are damaged in shipping. Damaged items are either fully refunded or exchanged, your preference, but please call us at 802.234.3120 or email us at rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com., so that we can work things out with UPS or whatever company handled the shipping.


Can I pay more for same day or expedited processing?


No. Orders are shipped in the order they are received. We are happy to hear from you about your situation and will try our best to accommodate you. Visit here to learn more about our shipping practices.


For Roderick MacIver Arts items and related items available through Amazon: Amazon only ships some items to Canada. Some items are on their allowed list, and can be shipped, some are not.


How Do I Get Your Latest Catalog?


We no longer produce a catalog. Everything Rod offers is on this website.



Reseller and Wholesale Inquiries (Excluding Notecards):


If you are interested in reselling Rod's books or other items on the following basis, please email or call Rod:

    • no returns other than for items damaged in transit or otherwise unsatisfactory at the time of receipt
    • a minimum order of five of one item, or $100, which ever is more. Limited edition prints of different images count as one item, so you can order five different prints and qualify
    • prepayment by credit card or check prior to shipping
    • a 50% discount from list price


To reach Rod directly:

  • by email: rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com..
  • by phone: 802-234-3120. Rod is in the office only a few hours a week but checks email both in the early morning and afternoon.

    Reseller and Wholesale Inquiries for Notecards:


    Contact sales at Adventure Publications:  800.678.7006


    Rod does handle these two notecards/postcards




    Limited Edition Prints are offered directly through this website, and are signed and numbered by Rod.
    Rod's prints, can no longer be ordered through
    We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please contact us if you would like to return anything you have ordered from us. 
    Returns of All Products Except Original Paintings:
    You have thirty days to return anything other than Original Paintings that you received damaged or are unhappy with for any reason for a 100% refund. If the mistake was ours, we also refund shipping.
    Return Address:
    Please send all items (other than those ordered from Amazon) to:
    Roderick MacIver Arts Returns
    179 Rotax Road
    North Ferrisburgh, VT 05473
    Original Paintings:
    Please return original paintings you do not want in the same condition that they arrived in within 15 days of receipt for a refund or exchange. We ask that you insure packages with a value of over $100, including all original paintings. If an original arrives damaged please email us at rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com or call us at 802.234.3120.
    To return books or other items ordered through Amazon:
    To return any of Rod's books or other items ordered from Amazon, please contact Amazon.
    About the Artist:
    Does Rod do commissioned work?
    No, Rod has tried to paint for commissions, but is unable to. His art is inspired by the wild places he has visited, the photos he has brought back with him and his imagination.
    What types of watercolors does Rod use in his paintings?
    Rod uses a wide variety of watercolors, but particularly likes Holbein watercolors and Twinrocker handmade paper. He uses Tri-Art, Chromacolour, and Golden acrylics. The actual colors vary greatly from painting to painting, but often have Paynes Gray, Burnt Sienna, Sepia and Alazarin Crimson.
    Does Rod hold workshops in painting?
    Rod held a painting workshop in June of 2009. No other workshops are currently planned.
    Can we visit you to see Rod's work ? Do you have a gallery?
    Rod no longer has a gallery but you can visit Rod at his studio (way) back in the Adirondack woods near Essex NY. It is about two hours from Albany NY, and about one hour and ten minutes from Burlington Vermont. Please email or call first so that he is there.
    Do you rent or otherwise share my email or physical address?
    I heard that Rod makes donations of his art to nonprofits. Will he support my organization by making a donation of art?

    We donate art to most non profits and consider requests from individuals to use Rod’s art. Contact Rod at rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com.

    The Use of Rod's Art for Books, Websites, etc.

    Rod’s art has been used on dozens of book covers, websites, CD’s, wedding invitations and business cards. We do review the appropriateness of the proposed use and charge a fee based on how many copies will be printed. Please email us at rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com for more information and put “Art Request” in the subject line. For instance, we typically ask for a contribution of $50 for use on the cover of a self-published book or on a website, as well as a link to our website if the image is being used online.
    Editorial: Submissions, Website Problems, Quote Sources
    Do you accept submissions?
    No -- all the art on this website is produced by Roderick MacIver.
    Can you tell me the source for a particular quote or poem?
    If we know the source, we will name it in the publication. Many quotes get passed on to us from others, so we aren’t always able to provide a source. We suggest you try a search on by pasting one line of the quote into the search bar.
    I am trying to contact a person mentioned in The Heron Dance Creativity Journal. Can you give me their contact info?
    We suggest
    I found a few errors on your website or in something you've  published. What is the best way to notify you?
    We appreciate you bringing errors to our attention. Please email errors to rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com.. We will read your email and take note of your correction. Thank you!
    Question Still Not Answered?
    If none of these answers properly resolves your concern, please contact us:
      • by email: rod(at)roderick-maciver-arts(dot)com..
      • by phone: customer service 802-234-3120.
      • to reach Rod directly by phone: 802-234-2130. Rod is in the office only a few hours a week but checks email both in the early morning and afternoon.
    Thank you again for using this Question & Answer page. It really helps us a lot!