Art As A Way Of Life

Filled with elegant watercolors and inspirational prose, Art as a Way of Life offers reflections on art and creativity, empowering us to discover and nurture the creative spirit within. It is an encouraging book for people wanting to live, work, and love in the creative spirit.

A wide range of creative innovators, including Carl Rogers, Robert Henri, Tom Jay, Henry David Thoreau, Ansel Adams, and Vincent van Gogh, contribute poignant and moving thoughts, quotes, sayings, interviews, and poems on the beauty of love and art. Through these contemporary and past theorists, musicians, artists, writers, and poets, Art as a Way of Life explores what it is to be passionate, inspired, and blissful.


An excerpt:


 Beauty happens unexpectedly, but it comes out of a practice of attention and humility. And beauty is always a surprise. You can’t go expecting beauty. It comes from tilling those fields. It comes practicing that practice, staying in the place. Because it is a deep thing. It is not a superficial thing. It is not expressive. It comes out of a tilth. It comes out of a depth. It comes out of your grandmother laughing at you from the grave. It comes out of remembering something far away in the past about a dog. It is unexpected and coiled up in us. And those little joints that the artist offers can sometimes invite beauty into the world because they are part of that practice. They are part of making those little nexus points. Beauty is surprise that is latent in the world. It takes imagination to catalyze it, but it is not something that we can control or demand. It invites us.

- Tom Jay, sculptor

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There are 20 reviews of this book on Amazon. Here's one from an early reader:

 "When this old world starts getting you down," open this book of beauty. Rod's exquisite watercolors take you to a place of quiet and contemplation, while Ann's well-chosen quotes and her own words of truth will lift you into your own possibilities. And...the format and presentation make this book stand out above others of its kind. I will give this as a gift to all my friends. But I will always keep one for myself."

- Winnie Sarr


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All are 95 pages, full color throughout.



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