The Journey Itself Is Home, PDF Edition

The Journey Itself Is Home is a collection of poetry and prints in book arts form, or art that fits on a bookshelf. This version of the collection is in downloadable PDF format.


It includes 26 poems and 53 prints of Roderick MacIver watercolors and acrylic ink paintings. Of the images, 27 are double-page spreads.

After checking out, you will receive two emails. One will be an order confirmation. The second will contain a link with which you can download the PDF. 


If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free here.


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To read excerpts from The Journey Itself Is Home, visit here.


To view the insert only (no clamshell - $50) version of the Collection, visit here.


The Limited Edition of The Journey Itself Is Home and the Collectors' Edition, both of which came in a  clamshell box are sold out.




$ 19.95

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